Honesty is the best connector to building successful relationships. I’ve been blessed to be able to sustain relationships because I try to make it more than business. I’m not the best at LinkedIn or social media platforms but that’s the bridge to telling your story and letting people know what you are doing. We have worked in silos forever but have an opportunity to collaborate and know how to enhance what we are doing. 

My challenges during were starting to fundraise in January 2020 when covid hit.  I just made my patent submission and was planning to attend events. The conditions changed and the priority became the virus. I wanted to focus on cannabis safety and this bright idea that saves the hospital money. 

The cannabis industry was not the market to discuss safety. Most major companies are totally against safety because they want to sell as much as possible and create the “strongest” products. I had to network online and I don’t like social media. I would much rather discuss research in general and highlight what’s happening. I still get anxious but you have to adapt because research can be difficult and funding challenging especially for minorities. I was so happy to attend IRISE because I get to speak to Yusuf and Dr. Bradford. Finally meet Tia and Dr. James Lillard in person. Hearing the passion to help Chad Womack and Thomas Webster and knowing more about them than what a LinkedIn profile shares. 

Networking allows us to understand our whys and spend time together.

It’s so important for us to support each other in this industry and in life. Sharon mentioned last night that we all are not going to win and every idea will not make it to market but we work best together. 

Self Care

So important you can’t lead to feeling defeated. You have to find time to get away or enjoy yourself. Covid increased anxiety and had everyone affected. Self Care Yoga, Walking, and whatever allows you to get your mind off of the uncertainty.

Last year my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and she’s my rock. I was pitching on zoom and Tia mentioned when she saw me you looked relieved and much more relaxed.


I started my healthcare career off helping independent pharmacies buy better and educating patients to but diabetic supplies cheaper to afford their ability to test themselves. I understood the supply chain and got into research to showcase success to attract the talented people in my network to bring their skillset to Sanare Bioscience.