Innovates To Heal, To Balance
and To Correct

SANARE BIOSCIENCE SERVICES strives to improve medications and outcomes for patients. Our team is integral in achieving this goal.


Leadership Team

Jack Donaldson IV

M.Ed President & Founder

Dr Melissa Clarke


Dr Valerie Armstead


Dan Blue JD

MBA, General Counsel

Greg Ewing JD

MPH, Chief Compliance Attorney

Andre Harrell

Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Team

Candis Edwards

Advisory Board

Winston Parris MD

Advisory Board

Richard Manson JD

Advisory Board

Kavan Clifford MD

Advisory Board

Gustavo Moura Letts,

John McAdory
VP of Clinical Trials

Advisory Board

Jack Donaldson IV
M.Ed President & Founder

Jack Donaldson IV, Founder, President of Sanare Bioscience has worked 15-years as a healthcare consultant and Innovator. He has worked with healthcare providers, manufacturers, distributors and hospital group purchasing organizations.

Dr Melissa Clarke CMO

Harvard-trained, Dr. Clarke is an Emergency Medicine (EM) physician with deep clinical, academic and private sector healthcare experience. A former Assistant Dean at her institution, she led the EM research program and served for 10 years on the Institutional Review Board.  [She has served on NIH advisory boards, and published on pharmacogenomics in clinical practice.] In the private sector, she [leads healthcare system transformation work, and] has served as a Senior Medical Director in the insurance industry and VP of Population Health for an integrated clinical network serving addiction patients.

Dr. Valerie Armstead, CRO

Dr. Armstead has over 30 years of experience in pediatric, cardiovascular & thoracic anesthesiology. Dr. Armstead remains active in medical & health education, clinical trials, translational research and has served as chief medical officer (CMO) or on advisory boards for a number of companies.  She currently is a Professor of Anesthesiology at Temple University Health System.

Greg Ewing, JD, MPH, CISSP

Harvard Trained, Greg Ewing an experience healthcare attorney with over 30 years of compliance and regulatory experience.

Dan Blue, Executive Counsel

Dan Blue, JD partner at BlueLLP and an Experience Healthcare Banker.

Andrell Harrell, Advisory Board Member

André Harrell amassed close to 30 years of experience in commercial operations leadership, André’s experiences have spanned both domestic and international in key executive leadership roles that include: Global Brand Product Marketing, Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Pricing Margin Management, and Global Commercial Operations. 

Dr. Winston Parris Professor Emeritus, Advisory Board Member

Dr. Winston Parris is a world-renowned pain management specialist and professor Emeritus with 50+ years of medical & research experience. Dr Parris will be advising Sanare Bioscience with research and product development.

Candis Edwards, Advisory Board Member

Candis Edwards has forty years of experience working in regulatory affairs and clinical trials for drug development, both domestically and internationally.

Kavan Clifford MD Phd, Advisory Board Member

Dr Kavan Clifford graduated from Medical School, Residency and Fellowship from John Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr Clifford has been practicing Anesthesiology for 10 years and will support Sanare Bioscience with strategic relationships and clinical support.  

Richard Manson

Richard Manson is a premier provider of innovative products, services and solutions to the health-care and retail pharmacy industry.